Baby Travel Pros Follows Recommendations Of AAP To Reduce Serious Injuries

(Online PR News) May 4, 2011 – Baby Travel Pros follows recommendations of AAP, one o the worlds leading authorities on child health and safety, to reduce serious injuries .


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has refined the recommended time infants and toddlers should remain rear facing from at least 12 months of age to at least 2 years of age. Evidence shows children under 2 are 75% safer in a rear facing car seat then a forward facing car seat. These are not a legal requirement, only recommendations based on best practice for child safety. Baby Travel Pros members of Baby Rental Equipment companies worldwide follow these standards to ensure safety for infants and toddlers.


The AAP found that during an impact from an accident, the rear facing child slides up the back of the seat and back down. Forces are reduced around the neck and spine and the forces of the impact is evenly distributed across the car seat and child. “Baby Travel Pros Association is committed to safety and following the reputable authorities guidelines. It is important that parents and caregivers buckle children every time they are riding in a car, no matter how short the journey.”, states Sarah Wyles, Co-founder.


Although all Baby Travel Pros member companies are individually owned and operated, affiliated companies demonstrate pride and commitment in providing safe, clean, high-quality baby equipment rentals. With a focus on customer service and satisfaction, members of Baby Travel Pros rent cribs, pack-n-plays, high chairs, booster chairs, car seats, strollers, toys, wagons, beach gear and more.  Rentals are available for daily, weekly or long-term rates



Baby Travel Pros was founded in 2009 as the first national association for independent baby equipment rental companies. Its mission is to establish safety and cleanliness standards across member companies so that consumers have access to a stress-free, reliable resource to meet their family travel and vacation needs. All of the transportation, safety, comfort and entertainment essentials that a family needs can be waiting for them at the airport, car rental agency, hotel or relative’s house when they arrive. For more information on Baby Travel Pros, visit